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Your entry will be judged against every criteria point for that category and given a rating of poor, average, good, very good, or excellent for each criteria point. After this, each judge may make notes to justify their scoring. Once all of the entries have been judged, the judges’ scores are totalled and a percentage score is calculated for each entry.

The final percentage score for your entry will decide if you will be shortlisted for an award or not. It will also decide if your award will be Highly Commended or a six Star (the highest national award available).

For each category, Ghana’s highest-scoring is   6 Star.  Winners are automatically awarded the Ghana’s highest award for the category.  The winners are announced at the event at the Awards and dinners night.

The level of your win will not be revealed until this event. If you were unsuccessful your awards advisor may be able to take you through the judges’ scoring. You will be provided with details regarding the gala dinner presentation event including the many opportunities to help promote your win. Announcement event Once you have booked your tickets for the gala dinner event, you will be provided with details regarding the venue, timings and dress code. The Awards Gala night will include a champagne reception and gala dinner, with the awards announcements taking place in the evening with the meal.


As an organisation you will be given an entry deadline  asking for a  hard data as the judges are interested in the consultancy and other specialist elements of your business. In doing so  ensure you highlight any recent achievement such as a spectacular deal, outstanding consultancy work, and importantly research project.
You will not be penalised if you cannot provide answers for all the questions. Please indicate whether you are basing your figures on the financial or calendar year. Your Figures must be pointed to the end of July of the year in question.

You will be asked to explain in no more than 1000 words (on a maximum of three pages A4) including pictures where necessary, what you have achieved during the coded year in question. In doing so, certain  elements would be asked to be  be included in your  document:
It does not stay the same every year. Changes apply depending on the focus that yaer.

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